EdTech Tool Test

Only The Best EdTech Tools

Free to implement. Free Professional Development. No Commitment.

1. NominateTools Nominated by EdTech leaders
2. SelectEducators select tools to test
3. ImplementEducators receive a free one year trial of tool(s)
4. TrainFree professional development is offered during trial period
What is it?
Tool Test  is an initiative to help educators select the most effective and efficient digital tools while minimizing barriers to implementation. UTFS unites the world’s leading EdTech companies who are willing to offer their tools and professional development for an entire school year. So, like a car, educators can test drive a tool before making the big commitment to buy!
Why is it important?
In its current form, EdTech adoption in schools is sporadic and unreliable. There is too much time, money, and energy wasted on EdTech implementation in schools and many teachers aren’t getting the training they need. Additionally, many end users in education are not getting the support they need from the EdTech companies, who are often start-ups themselves. UTFS brings everyone together.
How does it work?
United Tools for Schools (UTFS) organizes EdTech Tool Test, an annual event where we work with leaders in the industry (organizations & trainers) to identify the most useful tools available to educators. Once these tools have been identified, UTFS will approach these EdTech companies and ask for their participation in providing a one-year free trial and professional development in exchange for leads to school/district/state accounts and constructive feedback. Participating tools will then be categorized and sorted based on subjects/grade levels. Schools will then have the opportunity to choose between 3-5 tools that they would like to test for free for an entire school year.
Who can participate?
As a educator: Any educator can participate by applying for the Tool Test. We notify you once we have everything ready to go! Be sure to understand that your part of the deal is to give feedback on the tools you test! As a Tool: You must be nominated by our selection committee, which is comprised of leading EdTech individuals and organizations. You can suggest your tool to the committee here. We want to ensure that we are including the tools that industry leaders recommend and use themselves!