The UTFS Selection Committee

The committee members for UTFS’ selection process were chosen based on level of dedication to educational development. Our core team includes influential role models who serve administrators and educators in the field.

  • Kevin Honeycutt
    Kevin HoneycuttCommittee President
  • Ginger Lewman
    Ginger LewmanCommittee Vice-President
  • Pete Phillips
    Pete PhillipsCommittee Member
  • Shannon Miller
    Shannon MillerCommittee Member
  • Ken Shelton
    Ken SheltonCommittee Member
  • Holly Clark
    Holly ClarkCommittee Member
  • Jenifer Gosman
    Jenifer GosmanCommittee Member
  • David Lockhart
    David LockhartCommittee Member
  • Emily Richeson
    Emily RichesonCommittee Member
  • Jaime Donally
    Jaime DonallyCommittee Member