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About the tool: Nepris serves as a virtual community which bridges the gap between industry professionals and educational connections. Teachers submit unique requests to connect with industry professionals, to learn more about careers, and to go on virtual tours or if they need an authentic audience for student presentations. We know it only takes one person, event or class to inspire students for a lifetime and partner with teachers to create authentic learning experiences in order to do so. Professionals also offer industry chats where multiple classrooms can join to learn more about companies like, Otterbox, Sphero and Samsung and the different departments within those companies. Ultimately, by connecting classrooms with professionals we are partnering with education and industry to inspire the next generation and making a direct impact on education.

Company profile: Nepris was founded in 2013 with the belief that classrooms and professionals needed easier access to one another and that as a community, we need to build soft skills better prepare tomorrows workforce. Through Nepris teachers expose students to careers so that they can make informed decisions and prepare for life beyond graduation.

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