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About the tool: Flipgrid is a free video platform used in over 45,000 classrooms to ignite discussion and promote social learning. In Flipgrid, teachers post discussion topics to which students respond with videos, providing every student an equal voice, increasing retention, and encouraging peer-led learning.

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Company profile: Flipgrid was created in the University of Minnesota College of Education by Instructional Design Professor Charles Miller. Charlie feels strongly that reflection and discussion is the best way for students to learn, and was searching for a good way to conduct face-to-face class discussion with his students while he was abroad on a research grant from National Geographic. The original Flipgrid was built over a weekend and allowed his students to share individual videos in a digital class discussion. Demand for the platform quickly grew within the university system and is now being used in 45,000 PreK-PHD classrooms on seven continents (yes, even Antarctica).

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