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About the tool: With Buncee, students, as young as first and second grade, can visualize and demonstrate their knowledge acquisition in an engaging and exciting way. Buncee allows students to feel engaged in their class content and take ownership of their work so that they can better present learned concepts and translate back what’s important to a wider audience. Buncee inspires students in becoming 21st Century thinkers, leaders and innovators. Our pathway to achieving this goal for all students is by embracing the 4Cs of Education: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Critical-Thinking. Teachers integrating Buncee into planned lessons aligned with standards see an immediate student response that definitely enhances a positive classroom culture. Buncee in alignment with the 4Cs serves as a powerful partnership for empowering our students in being future-ready.

Company profile: At Buncee, our goal is to provide classrooms with technology that makes learning fun and empowers student voice. Since entering the education space in early 2014, Buncee’s mission has been to provide educators with a vehicle that helps students easily engage in, visualize, and communicate classroom content.

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