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About the tool: Explain Everything is a unique, interactive screencasting whiteboard that helps users create and share their ideas. Originally designed with teachers and students in mind, the Explain Everything app turned out to be a design and presentation tool useful not only in K-12 education, but anywhere and everywhere people create, communicate, and collaborate on ideas.

Through Explain Everything’s many uses like whiteboarding and screencasting for instruction, feedback, animation, brainstorming, demonstrating understanding, and many more – the app extends existing dialogues and fosters new communication opportunities among its users, creating the time and space for deeper, richer, and more personal solutions.

The newest version of Explain Everything for iPads allows users to work on the same project simultaneously while on the same local WiFi network. It is also integrated with Explain Everything Discover portal which provides users with an additional destination to publish and share content easily. It enables users to discover the work of others and use editable templates, plus download, edit, and remix projects from the user community.

Company profile: Explain Everything is a team of innovators, artists, learners, and leaders dedicated to developing creativity-inspiring applications. The company has been founded by Bartosz Gonczarek, Piotr Sliwinski, and Reshan Richards.

The main product, the Explain Everything app, a unique interactive screencasting whiteboard, has been downloaded and used by over 3 million people and has seen rapid adoption in K-12 education.

The company is based in Wroclaw, Poland and New York.

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