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Guest Blogger: David Lockhart

There are lots of apps and tools currently in the interactive Whiteboard space. The idea behind these tools is that you give students and teachers the ability to draw, sketch, and annotate on a whiteboard canvas. While you are sketching, you can also record audio narration. 

One of the best things about Explain Everything is it has lots of options to share. You can share videos with all major video services like Youtube and Vimeo, and you can share videos with all major cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. It also gives you the functionality to share with other apps which means you can app smash! You could add Explain Everything projects into tools like Imove to give it a deeper meaning.

One of its major advantages over other services is its prevalence across platforms. Explain Everything works with Chromebook because it has a Chrome app, and it works with both Android and IOS. The most surprising though maybe that it has a Windows Store app. The Window’s store typically lacks developer buy in, but Explain Everything wants teachers to have access no matter the device they are on.

As far as the structure of the app, it is a basic whiteboard with lots of features on it. You can draw and annotate on it, but you can also drop an image in the background and annotate over that. This provides several options to use with both teachers and students. On the student side, this can be a great way for students to do tutorials, quickly explain concepts, and draw out equations with an explanation of their thought process. On the teacher side tools such as Explain Everything become great avenues for tutorials and content videos especially when you need to draw out things like math equations.

While there are lots out there, I think Explain Everything does well with its pricing structure as well as the fact it goes across many different devices. Many of the apps, when downloaded from places such as the Android and IOS stores, download for free, but then they ask you to pay a subscription fee to access all of the features. Explain everything just prompts you to pay an upfront fee for the app which in the long run saves you money.

This interactive space is a vast one, but they are also great tools to use in a variety of context in the classroom. Personally, I prefer Explain Everything because it just makes things easy. I know that’s what most teachers want as well.

To learn more about Explain Everything, take a look at their tool profile HERE.

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