UTFS Tool Test

– Test to Select the Best –

UTFS organizes Tool Test to give teachers, schools, and districts the opportunity to test the world’s best educational technology tools before buying. Meanwhile, tool distributors may showcase added value and get valuable feedback for improvement.

UTFS is supported by SymbalooEDU

See how UTFS benefits Teachers

For Educators

Implementing new technology into classrooms has always been time consuming, expensive, and filled with uncertainty. Do the teachers like it? Do the students like it? How easy is it to use? What impact does the tool make? With UTFS, educators can find the right solution before investing their valuable budgets.

For Tools

Connect with educators and spread the word about your innovative EdTech tool! Participating companies will receive in-depth feedback to help make improvements and refine the user experience, all while benefiting from great sales leads to large accounts. It’s much easier to sell a car after a test drive!